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“Welcome To The Body Mechanics Therapy Clinic & The Sarling Technique”

How It Works:

Body mechanics therapy is based on the theory that good posture, alignment and daily Body Use Patterns, together with a series of simple Remedial Exercises, will ensure balance of Posture Muscles and so relieve strain from muscles and joints.

Over a six-week period, Body Mechanics Therapy (BMT) will bring many benefits to the muscular skeletal systems. However, long term commitment to the (BMT) technique is necessary to bring lasting results! Muscles are the "pulling power" on the skeleton.

Do you suffer with any of the conditions mentioned below?

We are able to help you relieve the pain and discomfort and to begin to feel better! Gentle enjoyable treatment with caring experienced professional therapists

• Ankle and foot conditions - plantar fasciitis

• All muscle and joint pain

• Arthritic hands - wax bath mobilise and massage

• Carpal tunnel

• Chronic back pain - sciatica

• Fibromyalgia

• Hip joint conditions

• Knee conditions

• Lymphodema, swelling joints

• Meditation groups

• Mobility classes

• Osteoarthritis

• Osteoporosis

• Pelvic pain

• Pregnancy

• Post op rehabilitation

• Stroke victims

• Shoulder and neck conditions

• Severe headaches - migraines - dizziness

• Treatments for arthritis

• Treatment for aching feet and arthritic feet, wax bath

• Spa and massage

• Sport injury

• Stroke

• Safe gentle educational exercise classes

• Tennis elbow

• Tension relief – relaxation groups or individual hands on

 Home visits are available

Skeletal muscles work in pairs - as one group shorten during movement, the opposing muscle group must lengthen. When muscles are correctly balanced, strain on the skeleton is minimised. BMT is a Self-Help Therapy. Muscle imbalance - Counter balance - (Neutral) Balance.

On your very first visit, your body will be assessed - to see what condition it is in and the cause of the problem. You will be given a Therapeutic Massage to relieve as much pain as possible and shown how to effectively gain a better posture with Remedial Exercises. Remember this will only work if you are prepared to work at it; this is not an overnight cure. The daily exercise routines are set to suit the individual’s needs and life style.

Please have a look around our site. Feel free to email or phone us at 01920 485265 for an informal chat to learn more about how we may be able to help you.